Tuesday, 14 April 2015

3 things I hate

I hate gorillas because
they bash old ladies
over the head
and steal their handbags
containing their life savings 
leaving them only with lonely tears
and haunted by endless nightmarish nights
full of fear and moths

I hate moths 
they masquerade as wardrobe-friendly bankers
and shamelessly nibble away
at people's good clothes
in the darkness
and when they have eaten all the best fabric
and also the house
they have the brass neck 
to demand another fine meal 
and another fine meal
 and yet another fine meal
which the mealworms will gladly provide

I hate mealworms 
they masquerade as silver-tongued politicians
and go through four stages
of development and growth
and are pests
 that is to say they are pests 
unless you happen to live in China
in which case you'll know 
that mealworms make a fine meal
  in Beijing they eat them 
fit to bust.

Günter Grass: Writing against the wall

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Fine particles

An Iron Lung

over the plains
and the cities 
 the pale moon sun 
 like a sickly child 
turns up the heat,

talk over the top 
 of the smog 
the barrier beneath 
the yellow rolled fog, 

it stands in effect 
for the whole blue world  
which is yellow 
and hazy, 

the child 
in the picture 
  will breathe 
no other

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Photos from a Venetian wharehouse

Alexander Egorov's In the Forest (detail)
(acrylic on canvas)

Alexander Kosolapov's Hero, Leader, God 
(painted resin, metal armature, metal stand)

Annalisa Venturini's A Beggar Sitting
(hyper-realistic silicone sculpture)

There was recently an art contest held in Venice and 100 finalists were chosen.

These works impressed me because of the artistic quality and the strength of the message.