Wednesday, 1 July 2015

They were only looking


Latest: 5 people crucified for not fasting during Ramadan

 were only looking

 for WMD's
 and so they missed

 the WME's
 - the Weapons of Mass Extremism

 and the WMT's
 - the Weapons of Mass Terrorism

 and the WMS's
 - the Weapons of Mass Subjugation

 and the WMI's
 - the Weapons of Mass Ignorance

 and the WMC's
 - the Weapons of Mass Conditioning

 and the WMP's
 - the Weapons of Mass Propaganda

 and the WMF's
 - the Weapons of Mass Fanaticism

and the WMB's
- the Weapons of Mass Brutality

and the beheadings
and the shootings
and the crucifixions
and the stonings
and the throwing of people off rooftops
not to mention the bombings
and all the black flags
 fluttering now
 on the road
 to Hell

- from where there is no going back.


below the sea
and sand washed in and out

below the sky
the sand builds dunes about

below the sun and moon
the land 

and in the land 
a sunken face 

looks out 
where time and sand

for all 
ran out

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dalai Lama - 80th birthday speech at Glastonbury 2015

Today (by chance?) I found a copy of Mit dem Dalai Lama durchs Jahr - 365 Worte des Herzens  (With the Dalai Lama through the Year - 365 Words from the Heart) - first published in 2002 by Otto Wilhelm Barth Verlag. 

The book was in a cardboard box along with many other books on a table outside a secondhand shop but it was (by chance?) the first book I laid my hand on . . . 

I gave the shopkeeper a two euro coin and that's how I came into possession of the book, a book full of wisdom, a 365-page hardback book in excellent condition, in fact to my eyes it is as good as new. 

Perhaps the book is a present from the Dalai Lama to me, I thought later, for as he says in the video above: Every morning when you wake it is your birthday. 

The book opens with an appropriate quote for humanity from the Dhammapada

Hass wird nicht durch Hass besiegt; den Hass besiegt allein die Liebe - das ist ein ewiges Gesetz.

Translated this reads: 

Hate cannot be conquered through hate; only love can conquer hate - that is an eternal law.

Time and space are fragments of the infinite for the use of finite creatures - Henri F Amiel

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Myth of the Man in the Cave

The cave has more than one entrance and exit. 

The man in the cave cannot be seen. 

The man in the cave is  Kilroy was here.

Kilroy hangs out in many strange places. 

The man in the cave is a shadowy presence.   

The man in the cave will be buried at sea.

Hilbre Island* 
Wirral, UK 

*only reachable on foot at low tide.