Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The 7th Wergle Flomp

Poet-in-Residence using his 'infamous' alias recently entered his 'infamous' Euterpe poem (see sidebar: spoof poem) in the free to enter 7th Wergle Flomp, a spoof poem poetry contest described by 'Winning Writers' as 'infamous'.
The final date for entries in the 7th Wergle Flomp is, as you might expect, the 1st April 2008. The US$3,336.40 prize pot includes a US$1,359.00 1st prize. P-i-R's poem was easily submitted via the Wergle Flomp website. The judge for the current contest is Jendi Reiter.
The rules, such as they are, are quite simple. Basically your spoof poem must have been entered in the first instance in a Vanity Poetry Contest. Wergle Flomp has a handy list of these dubious coffee table poetry book contests should you need a pointer. Once you've had your poem accepted by the Vanity Poetry Contest Organizer, and that's a mere formality, you may enter a copy of it in the 7th Wergle Flomp.
Entry in the Wergle Flomp gets you onto a monthly newsletter list run by Adam Cohen at 'Winning Writers'. The newsletter prints to 18 pages and is crammed with useful information for the poetry contest aficionado.

Adam Cohen points out that your poem does not have to be actually accepted as an entry by a Vanity Poetry Contest. Some contests have a screening process that blocks submissions containing words such as 'scam' for instance. Many thanks Adam!

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