Saturday, 15 December 2007

Book of the Month - December

'The Art of Haiku 2000' edited and published by Gerald England
at New Hope International is an essential tool for anyone
contemplating the world of haiku. And even for those who reckon
to know something about it.

This 80-page book is crammed with invaluable information and
relevant examples. It was in fact my first foray into the form.
I quickly discovered that there's a lot more to haiku and tanka
than simply haiku and tanka; words like senryu, haibun, renga,
sedoka, sijo and even tipuritura came to mean something. Not to
mention renju and waka. Or even renku. But don't let all this
jargon deter you for everything you need to know is neatly
explained in a well set out format.

Fifteen writers contributed high quality articles to make
'The Art of Haiku 2000', a user-friendly book that deserves
to sit on the desk of every aspring Basho.

check for availability and price

Gwilym Williams


  1. Hi Gwilym - the plug for my book is much appreciated.
    Details can be found at Art of Haiku.

    Although the retail price is £7.95, individuals ordering direct from me can have their copies for just £5, ten euros or US$15; the latter price includes airmail delivery, but note I can only take cheques in sterling.


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