Sunday, 23 December 2007

Doug Hill, temporarily permanent

Canadian poet Doug Hill, also known as riverwriter, writes here of winter and one man's war with the elements. As one who ended up on the physio's table after his own grim winter, P-i-R is not in the spring of life by the way, I feel deeply for the poem's hero.

Doug has kindly given permission for his fine poem to be published on the Poet-in-Residence blogspot. Pour yourself a glass of your favourite Christmas poison and enjoy being temporarily permanent!

temporarily permanent

Snowflakes detached themselves
from the heavens
pixels in their multitudes
swarmed to earth
born on the wind
each insignificant
but together a force
to stall the countryside
mute the crackling
staccato of machines
and lock life in its cold
silent hug

The old man decided
to shovel his driveway and the walks
after breakfast
after lunch
after supper
and each time the snow lay waiting
howling drifting
pant cuff deep
over the boot tops
almost to the knees

When he staggered in
after each session
he was a little more tired
his joints a little more warped
his body sagged a little more
and he a little less
snow caked his parka a little more
his eyes blurred a little more
his corns ached a little more
and he a little less

The next day
he would face a little more
and feel a little less

c) - Doug Hill / riverwriter
Well worth a look is Doug's poetry blog at

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