Thursday, 13 December 2007


The theme is India and P-i-R has an apposite poem of his own up his bardic
sleeve. 'Dreaming...' was first published in 2004 in iota 67
but deserves another airing if only to complement today's fine contributions
from native poet R K Singh.

In India it was always hot
and long-necked birds
flapped down off tin roofs
and stole his sandwiches.
He sweated over broken wings
and jammed bomb doors
and was handy with an oily rag
and a box of tools. Once
he went three rounds with Freddie Mills.
Relished every sock
to his handsome jaw
to hear him talk.
Only sparrin', Freddie was the best,
he always said.

The second time
it was the real thing; tough;
life and death battle.
A mosquito had ko'd him
and they ferried him home
in a fever on a slow steamship.

Dreaming of Freddie Mills
he went the distance;
won the big fight.

c) 2004 - Gwilym Williams

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