Saturday, 8 December 2007

Food Guru Poem

the food guru

wraps his legs
around his neck
to look for all the world
like a genetically modified supermarket chicken

unfrozen at holiday time

ready to be cooked
with oven chips
reconstructed from frozen coagulate

or a free range turkey stuffed with sage

depending on the angle of the light

and meditates without breathing
or seeming to breathe

on the meaning of life
and life beyond life

this day

the food guru is wearing his off-white bum wrap

the one that smells a bit
like a melting glacier


he will sit once more
upon his head
under the ubiquitous guru tree

living only off sunlight

for years

the scientific experts
have written many articles
for the weekend papers
explaining all of this

you may unfold
and read them

when you've had your chips

c) 2007 Gwilym Williams

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