Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Two more from Michael Newman

Poet-in-Residence is delighted to showcase more work from the able pen of Michael Newman. The first poem 'Red Kite' (national bird of Wales) appeared in the September 2004 edition of 'Pulsar' and the second poem 'Porthleven' in the June 2004 edition.
Both poems are published here with Michael Newman's kind permission. Enjoy.

Red Kite

Just waiting on pole perch,
Telephone wires sagging, dragging down
With the rain,
Mountains a Welsh spectre.

His eyes are yellow-indulgence,
His feathers a ruffle of ennui.
Forty-eight hours,
And no movement,
No passes at exposed rabbits.

He can see the warden's
The poacher's resolve,
Can differentiate between the two.

And yet,
In the few seconds of take-off,
Outdoes camcorder,
To leave only
That imprint of memory

Recalled in talks,
Dreams, side shows,
Quietly penned now.


Radio-controlled gulls
Land on the beach,
While a silhouette-moon
Is remoted from Solar HQ.

Now wisps of smoke
Signal belated barbecue.
Far out,
Another ship anchors
At earth's rim.

Even the varicose hills
Niggle away at woodland serenity.

Everywhere we are searching
For something beyond self,
For an answer to the question
We have yet to pose.

Only the children seem unaffected,
Guarding their grains of truth
With sandcastle defences.

c)- Michael Newman

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