Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Discombobulate, a word with W C Fields overtones, (U.S. slang) is a transitive verb meaning to disconcert, upset (Wordsworth Concise English).
Alan Morrison, poet-in-residence at 2 psychiatric homes on England's south coast and author of 'Mansion Gardens' (a collection lately reviewed by your humble scribe for Pulsar Poetry) has kindly given permission for the following poem, from the aforementioned book, published in 2006 by Paula Brown Publishing, to appear here:

Miss Discombobulated

Wearing laundry of years, two holes
for eyes where blackbirds pecked the linen
lined with experience's permanent creases,
she clung to the word 'discombobulated'
as if a thick, warm, comfortable fur-coat;
trampled years since contented
with hyperbole of 'moments' reeking like
cheap white wine in a lukewarm glass;
her past, a fug of pub fag-smoke
perfuming her black Hispanic hair;
ages since pages she once wrote
saw shimmer of day; memories'
invisible walls stalled her everywhere.

c)- Alan Morrison

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