Monday, 21 January 2008

Invitation to fellow poets

Dear fellow poet,
Do you have a previously published contemporary masterpiece that is now suffering under the ubiquitous and unjust 'not previously published elsewhere' rule? Would you like to publish a poem or two here on the poet-friendly Poet-in-Residence blogspot?
Poet-in-Residence is currently inviting contributions from all corners of the globe. The few simple rules are that your poem must be of an acceptable standard and have been previously published somewhere and that you, the poet, hold the copyright. No pornography will be considered. The poem/s must be written in English.
Poet-in-Residence reserves the right to set-out the poem against the left margin. See Byron's poem below. In Byron's original every alternate line is inset. On this blog it goes straight down, hard to the left margin.
If you'd like to contribute you can simply reply to this post stating when and where your poem was published. Leave your e-mail or blog address and P-i-R will be in touch.
A good idea would be to trawl through the blog. Read poems from the likes of Michael Newman, Geoff Stevens, Alan Morrison, R K Singh, David Pike and others to get a flavour of P-i-R's poetic tastes.
With best bardic wishes,
Gwilym Williams

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