Monday, 7 January 2008

Kitchen Table Publications

Poet-in-Residence's only published poetic collection to date is a humble pamphlet called 'Mavericks'; a freebie in a limited edition of 20, about 10 left in the box, and was a genuine glue and scissors job on the kitchen table at the Poet-in-Residence residence in 2005.
All copies were duly signed by the author and numbered. Unfortunately they won't be valuable one day. But at least they have the merit of being rare, only 4 times less rare than a Willy Wonka golden voucher (see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl).
If one should ever turn up unexpectedly on your doormat you may guard it well. Here's the 1st poem from 'Mavericks' - it's a tribute to Walt Whitman and Ray Bradbury. It's also a 'thank you' to those who support what's going on here.

We Sing the Body Electric

What say you my reader there
under this electric air
that sings between us
and carries my immortal words
and rhymes
over and above the songs of
trilling birds and
through mysterious space
and time;
are you and I the one and same
in some unholy supernatural game
enjambed just as those singing birds
whose words each dawning
trill the skies?

My song this day is sung for you -
you who seem to be
as much a part of me
as all those
trilling birds
and humming bees.

c-2005 Gwilym Williams

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