Monday, 7 January 2008

Poems for Neil

P-i-R's friend (yes, he has one!) Neil said: I don't understand poetry if it doesn't rhyme!
Here they are then. Poems for Neil.


Winter is here with his grouch,
The time when you sneeze and you slouch;
You can't take your women
Canoeing or swimming,
But a lot can be done on a couch.


Notable Family

There's a notable family named Stein,
There's Gert and there's Ep and there's Ein.
Gert's prose is all bunk,
Ep's sculpture just junk
And nobody understands Ein.


Comment on the Poet-in-Residence blogspot continues to trickle in. Unsolicited observations include: "the friendliest poet on the internet" (thanks for that one!) and "impressed with what you're doing" (thanks for that one too!).

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