Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Vanity poetry saga rolls on...and there's an unpaid job in haiku

Check out Charles Christian's poetry and prose webzine and click on Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:etc. (in the upper left 'latest replies' box) for the very latest on this gripping epic. Learn why you may be inspired to emulate Dylan Thomas or Ted Hughes but not Seamus Heaney or Sylvia Plath!

And with less than a month remaining don't forget to visit where you may even be inspired to apply for the spring 2008 blogspot job opportunity! No wages but plenty of fun and lots of nice poetic people.

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  1. the haiku job has been filled and
    the link to the Spring 2008 haiku blog will appear in the left margin in due course.
    the vanity poetry contest saga rolls on....and on...February may bring some respite...or so we are told.


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