Friday, 29 February 2008

5 years of Poets Against War

'Poets Against War' has been around for 5 years. During this time the website has received over 20,000 submissions from poets around the world. The editorial team has considered all these poems, no mean task when something like 350 poems are arriving monthly, and chosen a few poems for the 'poems of the month' feature.

Poet-in-Residence is humbled and honoured that his poem 'Masao Okabe's Frottage Sites' has been chosen as one of the 'poems of the month' for October 2007. To read this poem and also the other 'poems of the month' for the last 12 months click on the handy P-i-R link. It will quickly take you there.

Of course there's more to the website than poetry, important as the poetry is for it is the glue that holds the site together. The visitor can find news and links, information on various projects, details of publications and also an e-mailed newsletter. Today's newsletter to Poet-in-Residence brings the good news that some young children in Vietnam have been fitted with hearing aids.

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