Saturday, 23 February 2008

Haiku from zen speug

As Poet-in-Residence sees it, Scotland's new Robbie Burns could be Edinburgh's John McDonald. John, a retired stonemason with an eye for detail and a clutter-free poetry blog aptly named 'zen speug' (see link) has given Poet-in-Residence permission to filch a few more haiku from the 'zen speug' library ... together with their English translations of course!
Enjoy a small glass of your best malt and you make what you can of the following,-

the bank clark gaes steive
gies me the siller -
attercap on the wa

the bank clerk stiffens
gives me the money -
spider on the wall

navvies roon the bore
gove doon oan a siller sin

labourers round the hole
gaze down on a silver sun

playtime -
the sin hings abuin
the netba skep

recess -
the sun hangs above
the netball basket

on the scrievein-desk
fawin petals
hae beereit the pen

on the writing desk
falling petals
have buried the pen

c)- John McDonald


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