Monday, 4 February 2008

A Poet-in-Residence poem about plants

The following poem speaks for itself.


The plants are thriving along the river and
on the estuary - where the long-stalked and
firmly-rooted cella-mercurius
is an old family favourite.
You may catch the scent
on the breeze
the North Wales coast.
Once fishing
on the beach
at Hell's Mouth
I caught the familiar
metallic taste on my tongue.
Alchemy is mirrored in the dark waters
of the Weaver. The gas flares
are at their spellbinding best
when viewed from the south.

c- Gwilym Williams
note: the Weaver is the River Weaver in Cheshire, England, and is the site of two large chemical plants. Hell's Mouth is a remote beach in Anglesey, on the north-west coast of Wales.

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