Sunday, 10 February 2008

R K Singh's love poems

R K Singh is a poet strangely absent from a forthcoming anthology of Indian poetry in English. See item: Bloodaxe & The Indian Takeaway (below). Poet-in-Residence, on the other hand, has no qualms about publishing R K Singh's work and is more than delighted to present two more delicate and exotic items from the poet's prolific and insightful pen - this time from the poet's love archives. The poems are published here, as always, with R K Singh's kind and generous permission.


Is it the perfume
of your body
that makes the nights

your lush lips
ripple fire
in beautiful silence

your fragrance radiates
flowers and water

can I seek
my voice
in your breasts?

Perfumed Bar

They may be arbiters of good taste
and denounce my aesthesis or ignore
what I created all these years

there's poetry in failed ejaculation
or cowardice in a woman's company
not all will dare to talk about

it's weakness which stares in the face
when truth is wrapped in silence and love
is negotiated in a perfumed bar.

c) R K Singh (2004)


  1. Thanks for the comment john.
    R K Singh will be delighted!

  2. I am grateful to you Gwilym for your support to my poetry. You have been very kind and generous to me.
    And, thank you, John, for your words of appreciation for the two poems poet-in-residence selected for use in his blog.

    R K

  3. a fine thing you are doing R K, and a great pleasure to 'support' it - your amazing pot-pourri of diverse and interesting poetry.

    P-i-R only picks the sweet-scented materials, the petals...whatever takes his fancy (what appeals to his bardic poetic sense and wordy wisdom - such as it is - if there be such a thing).


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