Monday, 4 February 2008

Remembering the Madrid train bombings

The following was written at the time of the Madrid train bombings. Wretched bloodlust exists on a day to day basis. The planet is being daily drenched with sacrifical human blood; parents and children shopping in a market place, passengers going to and from their work, a family cooking its evening meal.

Caravan of Death

And now in sunny Spain
the Caravan of Death
has halted.

A city is blasted into shock
and a country into
national days of mourning.

A nation bleeds
with disbelief and indignation
And begs to know -
who preaches barbarism?
who feeds on murder?
who seeks to undermine?

The wretched Caravan of Death
is already striking camp
and moving on
to the chosen time and place
of the next depraved
and nihilistic act.

c)- Gwilym Williams

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