Sunday, 9 March 2008

P-i-R's Spring 2008 Poetry Quiz

COMPETITION CLOSED: POETRY QUIZ ANSWERS ARE NOW GIVEN! There being no winner/s the five book prizes on offer will be donated to the popular book exchange at P-i-R's local Irish pub. A Poet-in-Residence St. Patrick's Day present!
The solution AGALAJDRESRGHROWEDJR is the first letter from each answer (see below).

Poet-in-Residence's Spring 2008 Poetry Quiz is, as it says on the sign at the Penny Arcade, intended 'for amusement only'. However, Poet-in-Residence has raided his bookshelves and found some suitable prizes. The winner, that is the first blogger to come up with the correct solution, will be invited to choose a couple of poetry books from the following list. The runner-up will be able to choose one book from the three left over after the winner has chosen. Entry is completely free by the way! Do have a go.
The prize list comprises the following books:
'Ancestor Worship' - Michael S. Begnal (salmon), 'Looking for Icarus' Roselle Angwin (bluechrome), 'Carrying Fire' - Oz Hardwick (bluechrome), 'No Laughing Matter' - Roger Elkin (Cinnamon), 'In the beginning was the song' - Glenys Jones (troubador).
The first 15 answers can be found here on Poet-in-Residence. The final 5 answers will probably require a little research. Simply note the first letter of each answer and then when you have all 20, or as many as you can find, submit your complete solution. In the event of nobody getting all 20 correct then the person/s with the most correct will obviously be the winner/s.
Your submitted entry will look something like this: DGFBNUPPOTSREWGGELKP. Remember, only the first letter of each answer is required. If you don't know an answer you can skip it by using the letter X. The correct solution will be revealed in a week or so. Here, without any more ado, are the questions.

1. Name the author of the poem 'Miss Discombobulated'. A: Alan Morrison
2. Who found himself in limbo when adjusting his clocks? A: Gerald England
3. This Liverpool born poet was unpopular at Oxford. A: Arthur Clough
4. A sunset tribute to a famous tenor. Who was he? A: Luciano Pavarotti
5. She wrote about a lonely death. A: Adelaide Crapsey
6. He was in the guardhouse at 3o'clock in the morning. A: John Harrison
7. His paintings were arrested by six fat constables. A: D H Lawrence
8. He said we should love the wild swan. A: Robinson Jeffers
9. A Grimmet betrayed? Yes, but which one? A: Edwin Grimmet
10. Poet who wrote a poem about a turnip snedder. A: Seamus Heaney
11. Poet wrote of love being negotiated in a perfume bar.A: R K Singh
12. Poet known as the cerebral poet. A: George Meredith
13. Poet who observed that 'time is a hideous gastropod'.A: Heinrich Heine
14. He said 'You will find me in my poems'. A: Rabindranath Tagore
15. He wrote of a woman with 'lips of flame and heart of stone'. A: Oscar Wilde
16. Who wrote the following?-
I see in an article on Wordsworth, in one of the current English magazines, the lines, "A few weeks ago an eminent critic said that, owing to the special tendency of science and to its all-devouring force, poetry would cease to be read in fifty years." But I anticipate the very contrary. A: Walt Whitman
17. Who wrote the following?-
Can't see that yr. work has any marked individuality, or as yet any character to distinguish it from anyone elses. England has gone to hell, and if you are determined you had better go somewhere else, as you will get nothing but carrion and pus from your surroundings. A: Ezra Pound
18. Who wrote the following?-
I'm staying here in John Davenport's house. He's an amateur writer & musician, extremely able, weighing nineteen stone. It's a big house, full of books & pianos & records. There are lots of other people staying here too.A: Dylan Thomas
19. Which poet's grave is very close to the grave of Ezra Pound? A: Joseph Brodsky
20. Which poet and songwriter in a preface to one of his books wrote, 'I was bred to the plough and am independent'? A: Robert Burns

'Learning should be made enjoyable' says Poet-in-Residence!

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