Monday, 19 May 2008

Poetry Monthly's magazine to close but internet site gets a boost

In only five issues time, with issue 150, editor and publisher Martin Holroyd will finally cease printing his popular poetry journal Poetry Monthly. Increased postal charges and advances in computer and internet technology have forced the issue to this crunch point. Many disappointed readers have already written letters expressing their profound disappointment. But as Martin Holroyd is quick to explain there is nothing to stop them printing-off copies of Poetry Monthly (now know as at their local library or internet cafe´. As as an extra service that would obviously be advantageous to those who live in remote areas, perhaps where no libraries or internet cafes exist, copies of the paper version of the magazine may still be ordered from Nottingham on a month by month basis.
The current issue of (May 2008) features poetry from Michael Newman (a P-i-R featured poet), R. D. Coleman, Wendy Webb, Patrick B Osada and others, as well as a lengthy and detailed article from Radcliff Gregory titled Polyverse: The DIY Poetry Festival (Friday 24th-Sunday 26th July 2009).
New publications on offer from Poetry Monthly Press include 'Away with Words' an anthology featuring Aeronwy Thomas, Frances White, Annie Taylor and Beryl Myers.
P-i-R featured poet Geoff Stevens's collection 'Absinth on Your Icecream' is also available from this publisher.
Poet-in-Residence's own collection is currently at the last nail-biting stage before publication. The duo Saitenwind (Eva Stangler / block flute and Barbara Sambor / classical guitar) have offered to lend musical support for the Vienna launch.

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  1. Poetry Monthly has been given a new lease of life and is now known as Poetry Monthly International (available as a pdf doc.)


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