Monday, 23 June 2008

A box of books

They have arrived! A neighbour found them under a tree and brought them in. And so Poet-in-Residence is now the proud owner of a box of books. Proud? Yes, why not, because at the mature poet age of 60 he has a box containing 50 books of 40 of his own poems. He will now share these with contributors to this blog, with his family, with his friends, with reviewers and anyone else who takes his bardic fancy. Yuletide shopping and birthday present problems all solved in one swoop. Thanks is due to publisher Martin Holroyd at the Poetry Monthly Press* who has worked patiently through three major editings, to produce the finished, and it must be said, good quality product.

*Poetry Monthly Press is NOT the place to go if you want a carelessly rushed job and your ego massaged. There are other presses more than happy to oblige in that respect.


  1. Thank you 'home makerz' for the
    100s of tips on everything from renting a flat and making a thai curry ... where were you when I really needed you?
    Glad to say, see my by-line above, that things have moved on.

  2. Wonderful news and congratualtions once again. Look forward to reading your published poems.


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