Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Poet-in-Residence Poetry at The Recusant

Poet-in-Residence is pleased to inform readers that a second poem of his own making has made it onto the highly regarded The Recusant pages alongside the work of many famous and infamous poets of quality. When visiting The Recusant by means of a simple mouse-click (see P-i-R's alphabetical link list) look first in the top right corner of the 'Welcome' page for the 'NEW' features. Poet-in-Residence's second The Recusant poem is titled 'On Attending a Poetry Reading'.
The Recusant editor Alan Morrison has contributed a stylish piece of new writing - 'The Silent Poet' is an essay on the life and works of the late Harold Monro, a talented poet awaiting mainstream rediscovery.

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