Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A musical offering from Austria where the lame duck government has breathed its last quack

In Roosevelt Platz

formerly Hermann Göring Platz
formerly Mexico Platz
in snow white stone
we now recall to mind
Antonio Vivaldi - lost but not forgotten -
and by the smooth progress
of our pressured thoughts
like an approaching front of inclement notes

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - also lost but also not forgotten -
and Joseph Haydn - lost - but 'twas only his head and 'twas later found -
or judiciously lost
or simply nicked
for scientific research

players lean to it
in stone
by the Black Spaniard house - twice demolished -
where Ludwig van B - moved with fuss out of town -
as in life so in death
took his final semi-breath
and lost some of the locks off his head
in the eye of a hurricane storm

well composed
or mildly decomposed

it's best
not to die

just here!

c-2008 Gwilym Williams

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