Monday, 18 August 2008

Wergle Flomp Winners Announced!

Benjamin Taylor Lally, creative writing teacher and poet of Burlington, MA, is the winner of the 7th Wergle Flomp. His poem First Edition, 2008 pokes fun at America's poetic standard bearer Walt Whitman and was entered in a so-called vanity contest (to qualify for free entry into the Wergle Flomp contest). Lally's spoof poem contains such memorable Whitmanesque lines as:

O, I also enjoy singing about America
When I am in the shower

. . .

I am a singing butcher and a tire maker and a quality inspector
And a street vendor and an RA,
but not the lame kind that yells at you
and takes all of your beer

. . .

One time I saw a bunch of naked guys bathing under a waterfall like Niagra
my pants began expanding, like I'd taken Viagra
I stood behind a window and couldn't look away

c) - 2008 B T Lally / with a little help from Walt Whitman

The runner-up in the 7th Wergle Flomp was Julie Porter of Montclair, NJ, with The Rape of the Cock... an ode to Lorena Bobbitt of penis amputation fame. In 3rd place was India's Sooja Jones. Twelve other honourable mentions shared 4th spot. There were over 800 entries from around the world and 15 prizes were awarded, ranging from $1,359 to $72.95 - as usual Poet-in-Residence provides a handy link to the site in the P-i-R sidebar. Much fun to explore and consistently voted a Top 101 poetry site!

And the fate of Poet in Residence's own Wergle Flomp entry? Seriously puzzling - a bronze medal prize received from the vanity poetry site!!!

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  1. interesting, great to see you back and enjoyed the book


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