Tuesday, 25 November 2008

haiku moments (2)

Ernest Hemingway often went for a walk in the morning before settling down to his writing. He believed that the exercise improved the blood circulation, cleared the head, got the brain working more efficiently.
Poet-in-Residence goes jogging in parks and woodlands. Last week there was a stone hidden in the autumn leaves to stumble over. Today there was a haiku waiting on the path:

cupid's arrow
on a bench
fresh fallen snow


  1. A run in the morning certainly gets one's brain working for the day. I do a few miles when I get up 4 times a week. Those are the days I feel most alert.
    Having said which, I went out this morning and it took me a minute to "get" your interesting haiku. I sometimes get ideas when running and have to finish the run repeating them over and over in my head so as not to forget them!

  2. Dominic, Thanks for your comment. I try to get out for a run at 3 or 4 times a week and like yourself I repeat over and over any new ideas(they seem to come as if by magic, from nowhere).
    This morning I'm going to a political 'exhibition' (more about that on my Bard on the Run page in next day or two), so maybe an afternoon run today if weather ok.
    Vic Gerando (USA) just got my new book. He says he imagines us 'down the pub' getting drunk and giving 'high fives' to young women.
    Well, I'm 60 and he's 65. Two dirty old men in raincoats we are not. Beery bardic ungirt runners we may be!

  3. Hi guys, I go the the gym Mondays and Wednesdays to exercise and every Friday, I walk (not run) in the park either alone or with my daughter to keep me company. I always carry with me a small notebook in my pocket and another one in my car's glove compartment to jot down any and all verses/lines that come to mind while walking. Age is just a state of the mind, by the way!

    Vic Gendrano

  4. Vic, You are right. Old age is a state of mind. I'm just about to lace up my jogging shoes. The sunshine on the woodland trail is calling me...ok, ok, I'm coming, I'm coming, just saying hello to Vic...ok, 10 mins and I'm out the door..........and GONE.


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