Tuesday, 25 November 2008

haiku moments (1)

The poet speaks of the haiku moment. When such a moment is not set down it may become forgotten or distorted. This personal haiku series, starting today, is a notebook in which to record one poet's haiku moments.

and postcards
curl and bleach

This morning the first haiku arrived:

ice rain
falls from tree
and mercury climbs

The haiku moments will probably arrive here in the manner of errant homing pigeons
as and when it pleases them.


  1. the mercury isn't climbing the tree - I'd drop that "and" - it's redudnant.

  2. Thanks for your much respected comment Gerald. I did the verse like I did it only after much thought.
    I have read quite a few haiku imbued with ambiguity and I've enjoyed them and have been inspired to follow their lead.
    Maybe my creations will not be strictly speaking classic haiku, more plays on words open to several interpretations. I don't want to strangle the text with too many rules. What I want them to be is great fun to read. I want to take my haiku moments and turn them into something more, into poetic riddles if you like. One of the great things I love about poetry is its diabolic ambiguousness. And so the "and" stays.


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