Sunday, 2 November 2008

Purple Patch Small Press Best of 2008 Award for Genteel Messages

Poet-in-Residence has today been informed that his collection of poetry Genteel Messages (ISBN 978-1-906357-17-7) has been awarded 1st place in the Purple Patch Small Press Awards for 2008 in the category Best Individual Collections.
Genteel Messages by Gwilym Williams was published in June 2008 by Poetry Monthly Press at 39, Cavendish Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4HY, England. It is available from the publisher for 5.25p. plus p&p (currently 1.00p in UK). Check the links to 'Poetry Monthly Press' and 'Purple Patch' in sidebar and/or the advertorial at the side of this page for details. Visit 'The Recusant' to read a review.

The winners:
Best UK Small Press Magazine of the Year
The Slab No. 3
UK Small Press Magazine Poet of the Year
Bobby Parker
Best Overseas Magazine
Freefall (Fall 2007 issue), USA
Best Individual Collection
Genteel Messages by Gwilym Williams (Poetry Monthly Press)
Best Anthology
Raise the Bones (Cat Scan Press)

Full lists are 'at Tom Kelly (link in sidebar) and other websites'.
Friday 7th November 8.30pm PiR will be at Vienna's Cafe' Kafka poetry-mic with some Genteel Messages (€6.00 per copy)
ViennaLit (link in sidebar) request for 2 copies. These are in the post (3 Nov).


  1. Thanks John! You're up early today.

  2. well done

    I do mean to review yours, Maureen Weldon's and Anne Lewis Smith's books on my blog but seem to be so busy.

  3. Gerald,
    Thanks! I had a message from Maureen Weldon on Word Wizards. It's very quiet on there at the moment but anyway it keeps a few of us in touch. So it serves a purpose. It will probably pick up in the winter months when the weather's too bad to get out much. Meanwhile enjoy your photography. I thought your recent series of canalside flowers was quite marvellous.
    Best wishes,

  4. Many thanks for the congrats.
    My personal stock is selling well as a matter of fact, 3 more copies went last week and 2 more e-mails for copies received already this week.
    (Hope my publisher Martin Holroyd at PM is reading this!)


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