Tuesday, 2 December 2008

haiku moments (4)

A bit of news: the pigs have moved from bare earth to patch of grass:

two fat pigs
munch the grass
fast, fast, fast, , ,

And now, here's the haiku moment from this morning's jog:

cyclist rolls along
the track
in the forest a dog barks


  1. The first is as fun and light as the previous haiku featuring the same duo. ;)

    The second, atmospheric. The haiku has indeed taken me (my senses) 'there.'


  2. S.L., the pigs are funny, they are pot-bellied pigs, the black one is fatter or it may be that his legs are shorter,

  3. I like these pig haiku.

    I'm reminded that once, when I was a child, on holiday on a farm in Wales, we realised to our horror that we had been throwing bacon scraps out for the pigs...

    The cyclist one is very evocative.

  4. And I meant to add, I've just found the Punk Advent Calendar in your links list. Brilliant!

  5. Dominic, oh no, pigs as cannibals,
    that would be almost as wierd as feeding sheep to cows but hang on, we did that...

    ps - as a bonus the cyclist haiku also has a 'bukowskian' joke of sorts concealed in it,
    did you spot it? I wonder

    yes, the xmas carols are very good, i wonder what today's is


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