Tuesday, 20 January 2009

haiku moments (12) and 2nd haikutrio

Today for a change, a walk in the town, as opposed to the usual stroll in the country park or the nearby woods. The cityscape with its many and various characters is a rich and humbling source of material. Today's walk produced Poet-in-Residence's second haikutrio. Here it is:

mink coat
passes the beggar -
pursed lips

in snow and slush
from sale
with bargain shoes

a bank of snow
and a primrose alone -
her pale head trembling


  1. I like these haiku trios. They remind me of the Persian ghazal form (although I don't know a lot about it) - the way each haiku stands alone, but is loosely connected to the next.

  2. Thanks John and Dominic, It's true, there's nothing new under the sun. This time the Persians already did it! Cheers and thanks. Gwilym


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