Friday, 30 January 2009

More haikutrio (4)

Another challenge with the haikutrio form is to use the same keyword in all three haiku. Today's subject is once again the Poet-in-Residence run. Incidentally, the pink pig sometimes seen on the morning run has rapidly grown a hairy grey overcoat. Only his nose remains pink. No sign of black pig, but faint squeals have been heard from the hut. Piglets? Could be.

pass an indian
braving austrian snow
in jack wolfskin

avoid ice
and deep snow
pass on caterpillar track

stop for dog to pass
to wipe his nose
on my thigh


  1. Can't pass by your blot without leaving a message. Good idea that key word - I am having difficulty in choosing a key word - could you give me a key word please and then I will try to do a haikutrio using it. Don't make it something awful like antidisestablishmentarianism - just an ordinary word, please to start me off.

  2. Let the key word choose itself. When you go for your next walk there will be a moment when something will make you pause, the trill of a bird, a rabbit scurrying by, or even a raindrop glinting on a leaf. When you write your first haiku the keyword will identify itself. It will jump out and shout hey! weaver I am the word...and so you must go with it. That's it. For me to give you a word per se would make no sense because I'm not experiencing what you are experiencing.

  3. Well said = I shall try that technique when I walk tomorrow!

  4. Weaver,
    Hope you enjoyed your walk.
    Today's word for me was 'first', I suppose because it's the 1st Feb. There was only a haikuduo, so I put it on Winter Haiku 2009 Blog under title "1°Celsius" for now.

  5. But of course I've revised!
    The word 'first' has now disappeared and falls/falling replaces it. One has to follow one's poetic instinct.


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