Thursday, 19 February 2009

Haiku: Tales from the Vienna Woods

A Poet-in-Residence speciality is the haikutrio. Three haiku can be stand-alone haiku and a haikutrio at the same time. Today's keyword is jogger: somebody who jogs to keep fit.

restless trees
pepper the lone jogger
with soft snowballs

on the jogger's eyelids
slowly melts

a lone crow
carrying a wishbone
hops across the jogger's path

Gwilym Williams 2009


  1. I enjoyed these. I'm just sitting here in my running gear having just got back in (I'm beginning to get a bit chilly, in fact). The snow here has all gone - except for a few streaks on the hills.
    The third haiku doesn't happen very often. Indeed, if it ever happens to me, I'll certainly let you know.

  2. I'm just back from a 9 mile run. Longest this year. In the snow it feels more like 12 or 13 miles. Slow going up the hills! Quite deep in places.
    Here's the answer to no. 3:
    The crow with the chicken bone was in a field that is used for outdoor grill parties in the summer.

  3. Haven't come across that before. Must investigate.

  4. I like that haiku trio - I got a real image of your run throughout.
    Have just passed Dominic running (twice) - it seems such a boring activity to me, but I suppose you can compose haiku as you go (but can you remember them when you get home?)

  5. Had one of your blank page experiences myself yesterday and had to switch off and start again. Just now one of my blog list contacts produced just a blank page - is there a gremlin in there? (is there a haiku in there, too?)

  6. Thanks for your comments.
    Dave, I think the haikutrio it may be a PiR invention. If so it may not be worth too much investigating.
    Weaver, I'm not glad you had a blank page experience but I am pleased that it is a blogger gremlin and not my computer.
    How did Dominic look? Did he look in good form?
    Dominic, I see from today's e-mail from that there's to be a 3-day running festival in Keswick - scheduled for September. Get along!

  7. Thanks for the Keswick suggestion, Gwilym - I'll take a look. As to my form this morning, I was pretty knackered :)

    Re the possible boredom of running. Running is no more boring than walking. In fact, I would argue, less so, as running you can compress a whole morning's walk (and the experience that goes with it)into about one hour.

    I find I often have ideas when running and keep meaning to take the old pocket dictaphone I have along with me.

  8. You see Weaver, both of us runners say we are not bored when we are running! Running is rejuvenating and exhilerating, especially through the countryside in wind and snow. For myself, I hardly ever run on tarmac; only to get to the start my run. When I was in the UK I used to run Pendle Hill, Hameldon Hill, Longridge Fell, the Trough of Bowland and many other such places. Lovely inspiring scenery. You could never be bored!

  9. Dominic, I've put some running links on Bard on the Run. They are the Fell Runners Assn, Clayton Harriers, World Mountain Running Assn and Mud Sweat & Tears.
    Also there's an amazing photo of the Snake Nebula and millions of stars on there today.

  10. Pendle Hill is a great one! I ran the Tour of Pendle once, and keep meaning to do it again.

    Thanks: I'll check out the links.

  11. yes i like them

    went and took some close-ups of the B of the Bang this morning - they haven't started dismantling it yet - came home to find my internet down - thought I'd have to wait until at least Monday to get it fixed but it came good a few hours later - some BT line fault I gather.

  12. Dominic,
    My old friend Kieran Carr is the organizer for the Tour of Pendle. Please say hello if you see him! It's a tough race, I also have done it 'once'. I've done the Half Tour of Pendle a few times. Keith Thompson and Barrie Walmsley are responsible for that one. Please can you say 'hello' to them too. You may safely and confidently ask BW what his latest running injury is - he'll doubtless buy you a pint and fill you in with all the fine details! You might see another friend, Jon Sharples, training alone on Pendle. He's doing the Bob Graham in May.

  13. Gerald, Many thanks! I'll have a look at 'B'. Sounds intriguing. I get some gremlins on my Telekom line. Don't know what the cause is. Maybe it's 1984 already.

  14. You found an old photo of the B on Hyde DP - there is a larger one on - the ones I took yesterday haven't been published yet.


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