Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Muse, after Sir Philip Sidney

MY MUSE, an Elizabethan Sonnet

My Muse may well begrudge my heavenly joy,
If I still force her in sad rhymes to creep:
She often drank my tears, now hopes to enjoy
Nectar of mirth, since I Jove's cup do keep.
Sonnets are not bound apprenticed to annoy:
Trebles sing high, as well as bases deep:
Grief is but love's winter livery; the boy
Has cheeks to smile as well as eyes to weep.
Come then my Muse, show your height of delight
In well raised notes; my pen as best it may
Shall paint out joy, though but in black and white.
Cease, eager Muse; peace pen, for my sake stay;
I give you here my hand for truth of this,
Wise silence is best music unto bliss.
Adapted from Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella


  1. 'Grief is but love's winter livery;'
    (and the rest of the poem, of course)

  2. Absolutely, as they like to say on BBC World News Bulletins.


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