Thursday, 12 March 2009

Poet-in-Residence's pointless poem

The poem was published in Pulsar Poetry no. 45 (March 2006) in response to a debate about the use of line-breaks in preference to punctuation and to answer the challenge that it is not possible to write a meaningful and coherent poem without using at least some punctuation. After 3 years in the wilderness it's time that Poet-in-Residence's pointless poem had another outing. You will see that the poem contains the symbol ? but of course that's the point of the pointless poem.

pointless poem

this poem will harm nobody
point the finger at nobody
say nothing about nobody
that could be taken the wrong way
or any other way for that matter

this poem will say nothing
controversial or otherwise
about nothing and nobody

this poem will be so bloody
that you will think

there should be a law against it
or at least a regulation
or a sub-regulation
or the sub-section of a sub-regulation

this poem will not even entertain
one semicolon

what about that then?


gw 2006


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