Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Poetry Kit Recommended Site Award

The happy purchase of my glorious spoile,
gotten at last with labour and long toyle.
- Edmund Spenser

Poet-in-Residence has been awarded the Poetry Kit Recommended Site Award.

The success, if one dare call it that, of Poet-in-Residence is due in no small measure to the many readers old and new visiting and revisiting, and commenting on these pages on a regular and irregular basis, broadcasting a few poetic seeds, rather like Van Gogh's sower in the various comments boxes, thereby keeping the ground productive and the poetry ploughman up to his job. Many thanks to you all.

Poet-in-Residence aims to be the poetry magazine you will wish to find in the infernal waiting room. Pick it up, flick open at almost any page and there you will almost certainly find something worth reading. A short item, a longer one, an in-depth piece over several pages; so more than something simply to pass time as it were, although it is that as well.

There are to date approximately 400 pages in the Poet-in-Residence poetry book. It strives to be a place where poets who write and also those who enjoy reading poetry can both feel at home. Residence is the poetic name of the planet on which we all live.


  1. congrats Gwilym well deserved

  2. Brilliant! I for one am pleased to live on the same planet and to read your poetry. I have missed you for the whole week you have not blogged. It is awful that we have these tenuous relationships through a blog and yet we know so little about each other - one or the other of us could vanish without trace. Many congratulations - keep writing the poetry and keep "in residence".

  3. Thanks everyone for your congratulations. I am pleased that sites such as Poetry Kit and Purple Patch take notice of what we who follow the small press path less trod are getting up to!


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