Monday, 13 April 2009

Virginia Woolf's golden pen

Here is another note culled and crafted from Virginia Woolf's diaries. It's here because of the wonderful Easter weekend weather. Make the most of it. As we've come to expect from Virginia the small cloud hovers over the page.

Woolf at Easter

On a sunny voluptuous day
with birds all rasping in their nests
and cawing in the trees -
life is calm and profoundly comfortable.

We are free, serene, and matter of fact;
and without ambition of any sort; the
smooth serenity and blessed illusion
by which we live is returned.

Gold Waterman supplants
the Woolworth steel; a
note by way of warning.
Tea on a wet Bank Holiday.

gw 2009


  1. I think Virgina herself could have written that Gwillym.

  2. Mmm. Not so sure. Woolf's "long flutter of the brain" is never far away. This is 3-times distilled.
    I'd never go round the garden with L. and Percy.


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