Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Gwilym Williams' poetry

Where is it? Poet-in-Residence has recently been asked.

Some of 'it' can be found here by entering gwilym williams and/or gw in the search box, earlier poems like those in the award winning pamphlet Mavericks can be chased up and downloaded from the excellent Poem Hunter website pages, then there is some poetry on Alan Morrison's The Recusant website, on Poets Against War also (including a poem of the month), and on other popular sites such as Charles Christian's Ink, Sweat and Tears; in fact the Gwilym Williams poetry is in more places than Poet-in-Residence cares to remember. Today, for instance, there's a new haiku on the Summer Haiku 2009 webpages.

If you have a spare 5.25p (plus two pounds p&p) could do worse than buy the 1st placed book in the Purple Patch 2008 Best Individual Collection Awards - yes, the 54 pp poetry book titled Genteel Messages written by Gwilym Williams and published in June 2008 by Martin Holroyd's Poetry Monthly Press, Nottingham, UK.

But the main thing, it goes almost without saying, is to enjoy the Poet-in-Residence Poetry Kit Recommended blogspot and all the bardic bits and bobs that come this way. It's the bardic home-from-home with a warm welcome on the proverbial doormat. And these days, thanks to Blogger, there's the wonderful and immortal Plato with our daily dose of wisdom.


  1. Gwilym - there was a lot to take in there and not sure I have done that - feeling a bit dozy today - but shall buy that poetry thingy.
    Shall call and read this again tomorrow.
    How is the running going now that the warmer weather is here?

  2. Hi Weaver, Nice of you to ask. The summer running is going very well. In fact my haiku on the 'Summer Haiku 2009' (see A-Z LINKS) blogspot (16 Jne) is about going to the mountains and opens a photo of the poet in full gallop. It answers your question with a picture worth a thousand words. It really does!

  3. Am off to look at the haiku blog - never a dull moment on your blog is there!

  4. Weaver, I think it's probably best to read the Poet-in-Residence haiku contribution for 16th June on that Summer Haiku 2009 blog and take what one can from that - the classic haiku imagery quality of meditation and son on - and then afterwards to click on the photo link text which then quickly brings up the truth, the reality!


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