Tuesday, 30 June 2009



To the birthday party I went
and Pollyanna was there
in her new yellow frock

Another turn of the page
in life's book

Another trick of the clock

The stare in her eyes
told the tale

That expressionless look
told me something was wrong

All the strange people

(perhaps someone looked vaguely familiar)

It's been a while since we spoke

She was bubbly and bright
like a starlet

(perhaps it's 2 years or a little bit longer)

We toasted her health
and we talked of old times

And someone quite gentle
will blow out the candles

gw 2009


  1. Poet - this is stunning stuff. I got such a vivid image of Pollyanna in her yellow frock, making a day of it for her birthday - and yet something is wrong - I wonder what it is.
    Quite opportune this poem as today an old school friend (from Primary School days) sent me a photograph of eight of my old school friends who I have not seen for fifty years and asked if I could recognise any of them. The answer is no I couldn't but my goodness me - they all look so old - then I looked in the mirror!
    PS The word verification is mentl - so maybe that is telling me that age is all in the mind, do you think?

  2. It was last night so I'm revising this one online - I'm still tinkering ! Pleased you like it so far.

    I've just discovered a kind of haiku in a Dylan Thomas letter - (and, yes, I've tinkered it)

    rose plot
    fringed pool
    ferned garrotte

  3. Williams, i have been following all the stuff... Grahm Green, his diary... his dreams and his interest in that...
    And white flag....
    And Pollyanna...

    They were all special and significant...typical of you and at the same time rejuvenating the creative environment...
    You informed and in the process raised many a curiosities...

    And Pollyanna...? It is a good poem, reminding once again that you have an eye for 'void' and 'missing'....
    So, you have a concerned poetic-sense....
    And also one who loves to love his craft...
    Many thanks indeed...

  4. Satyapal, Many thanks as ever for your insightful comments! Gwilym


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