Monday, 14 September 2009


With Iota 83/84, the new team at Matlock, Derbyshire (UK) took over the publication of the much respected poetry journal.

Iota's Niccolo Luparello, in a covering letter to Iota 85, asks that the Iota International Poetry Competition be publicised. As one who cut his second set of bardic teeth on quarterly mags such as Iota and Pulsar (see Pulsar 52 post below) Poet-in-Residence is more than eager to oblige!

Entry fees: various - but 4 poems for 10 pounds is the best on offer
Closing date: 30th November 2009
Style: any
Length: maximum 80 lines
Judge: Tim Turnbull

Prizes: 1st 2,000 GBP, 2nd 1,000 GBP, 3rd 500 GBP, (plus 10 x 50 GBP supplementary prizes). All winning poems to be published in Iota.

The new Iota website where much more information concerning the poetry competition, subscription offers, and other bardic matters is at - simply click on IOTA in the P-i-R Links sidebar --->>>

ps - interesting interview with George Szirtes in Iota 85 plus a trio of quality poems from his new collection Burning the Books (Bloodaxe).


  1. Might consider submitting something Poet - the trouble is that competitions seems to result in my creative faculties drying up.
    Is this usual?

  2. Weaver, I don't know if it's usual but I have sometimes a similar problem ;-)


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