Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Come in, the water's lovely!

Come in, the water's lovely!

was what they said
and in I went
up to my knees at first
oh! how the water sparkled in the sun
and we played and splashed
and someone playfully dunked me

happy and free I slowly stroked
through shoals of gently darting fish
past the shadowed pike in the reeds
and the calling coots and other ducks
- the stately glide-along swan looked on
from under the shade of the twittering trees
below the gently sloping farms

- a piece of heaven in a lake!

when out of the blue the horse fly bit me
that sudden sharp and painful burn
I squashed her with a slap of my palm

- baptism of fire!

When I dried myself off
with the big fluffy towel
the invisible mosquito drilled my cheek
below my eye
and a second tickled my nape
and stung -

again by the female
my blood was raped!

- the male takes
only sweet nectar.


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