Tuesday, 6 October 2009

George and the Dog

The following bit of doggerel is for my blogging friend George Szirtes who once hinted at the possibility of a canine companion, but quickly came to his senses.

George and the Dog

The dog's name is Rollo
for he rolls on his back
and spins his long tail
and threatens
to split his sides laughing
at George
or anyone else who might cross his path
and this includes cats.

Rollo was born and bred in the East
but he is no Pekingese and no Chow
he's more Genovese in his style
and his looks and he always obeys
the strictest normatives
as George will come to expect
of a dog
which eats batteries
three at a time.

George removed Rollo gently from packaging
and fed him his alkaline bones. Some mechanism
noise can be heard
said George. This is normal
replied Rollo's box.

George had pulled back the fur so orange and white
to expose the stomach of his new canine friend
and unscrewed the battery compartment. Then closed it again.
Screwed it tight.

He clicked on the switch labelled ON. He heeded the warnings
that came with his pet like do not make it fall down
and poor lighting condition may affect its function.

Rollo is an unsuitable pet for a child under 3 due to the danger
of swallowing small parts
. And yes, he has a moving mouth.
But George is 60 and larger than life,-
Real beer, Reel book and real cat.



  1. Gwilym, you are a proper rogue. If you must know I carefully remove the batteries from both the cats at night so they don't keep us awake.

    Thank you.

  2. Marooned on the Hungarian border, like Jospeh Haydn before my dear George ;)
    ps- I'm ordering your latest collection but not until November - it will, I'm sure, be her before Bonfire Night!
    Seriously though, all joking aside, there have been some excellent reviews and some stunning extracts on the web. I can't wait to get my hands on it.


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