Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Hallowe'en to all my readers

the clock strikes midnight -
the passing traveller halts
before the door


  1. I really like halloween. Do you get trick or treaters in Austria?

    My daughter, Amy, suggested handing out chocolate brussels sprouts! (Strip sprouts of outer leaves. Melt big bar of chocolate. Roll raw sprouts in it. Allow to set. Look great - until you bite them. Mean idea (I haven't the heart to try it) but I kind of like it).

  2. Should have added, just returned from a computer-less week in Borth y Gest. Had intended to run the Marathon Eryri as you know. Had to sit it out with a strained groin, toothache, a bad cold, etc., and watch it on S4C instead! Oh well, next year...

  3. Amy's Hallowe'en trick sounds wonderfully wicked but I suppose you'd have to select victims based on their denatl equipment ... could my choppers handle a raw sprout ... doubtful.
    Maybe missing the Snowdon Marathon was a blessing in disguise. It'd take you half a year to get over it. Well, me it would. I still haven't got over my 2 Half Marathon races of 2009. A pal of mine says 'roads are for tyres'. I think he's right. And so for me it's back to the trails and tracks :)

  4. Oh, I forgot to answer your question. What we have here is an army of noisy drunken teenagers with red plastic horns (on their heads I mean) crowding the trams and running from one student party to the next. The students have been on sit-ins for the last 2 weeks. Protests against the government in all Unis.
    About 10 years ago the Austrians 'discovered' Hallowe'en. They haven't really figured it out yet. They thinks it's to do with Stephen King I think.


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