Monday, 5 October 2009

Poetry Kit Newsletter

Like a Liverpool chip shop on a Friday night the latest Poetry Kit newsletter is brimming over with sizzling hot from the microwave titbits of information, and steaming with a jumbo selection of poetry related links. It's a bardic batter that's guaranteed to get even the blandest pie 'n gravy bard a-salivating.

As Britain approaches National Poetry Day (8th October) Poetry Kit publishes a fistfull of details of many Poetry Readings, Festivals, and much more. From Ilkley to Chester to Liverpool and yes even in Tunbridge Wells there's something bardic and brilliant going on at a suitable crowded and chaotic venue near you.

And not only something going on. There are also poetry competitions with street-cred for the budding Wordsworth to enter. The Big Issue Competition in the North is just one such contest worth supporting. For the run of the mill and the rip-off contests you'll have to queue elsewhere.

Consider yourself more of a reader than a versifier? A potential poetry book critic perhaps? Or maybe you're the undiscovered poet the world has been waiting for? Then why not e-mail Jim Bennett at Poetry Kit? He's waiting for you with sharpened hooks and mended nets.

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  1. Don't mind the nets but not so keen on the hooks (as Sylvia Plath might say).

  2. And Daddy kept bees just like Adolf's daddy. The Bell Jar - a 234 page suicide note?

  3. Hi, may I add a poem I wrote this afternoon to your blog just to contribute to the National Poetry Day celebration on 8 Oct.


    with pride and arrogance
    stalls expression:
    self-illusions aren't
    aesthetic adjustments
    nor is poet
    larger than himself
    when he says
    he's too small



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