Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

Two friends went to Paris
travelled to see the sights
lovers in love
to the Notre-Dame
on the left bank at Montparnasse
to the Latin Quarter
to the University in Sorbonne
and on the right bank
to the Palais du Louvre
and there to view the Mona Lisa
oh! the wonderful smile ... oh! the wonderful eyes
and finally to the glorious tower itself
the tower of 1889
the tower
of Alexander-Gustav Eiffel
standing foursquare
984 feet high
looking out over the city
looking like the highest building in the world
which it was
until overtaken in 1930
but still today the greatest Parisian landmark
of them all
and there the two lovers stood
and they said
seeing is really believing
and I looked
at them
at her and him
the blind leading the blind

... an undertaking
not to be lightly undertaken

not seeing
may be
what believing is

gw 2009


  1. Paris - the city for lovers - when you are young and you stand where they are standing you believe that everything is possible, don't you?
    What a pity real life sometimes imposes itself and makes things different. Still - we can all dream, can't we, poet?

  2. Too true. Only trouble is I can't remember them. Well, one or two I can. I tend to have quite good dreams, meet all kinds of interesting and intelligent people. It's a bit like blogging. Sometimes I feel I know them, or should know them, in another dimension. Do you think there could be something in all that or is it mere illusion or even delusion?


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