Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Monkey Emperor

The Monkey Emperor
Every attempt to make us uniform, biologically, emotionally or intellectually, is a betrayal of the evolutionary thrust that has made man its apex. J Bronowski - The Ascent of Man

The Monkey Emperor
Closed his eyes
And ears
And from his mouth
Came ignorance
And dogma.

In awe
The other monkeys
Opened their minds
To propaganda
Became regiments
Of robot monkeys.

They had programmed themselves
To march and sing
To the Monkey Emperor's
And that is the tragedy
Of Monkey Emperor arrogance.

But then one day
on the edge of error
one small monkey
and tried to think

and then he lightly touched
a fellow
gently on the arm.

It was an almost human act.

gw 2009


  1. Good one. I like monkey poems. Do you know Monkeyland by Sandor Weores
    (as translated by Edwin Morgan)? Here's a bit:

    With monkeysupper memories
    the monkeyouthouse rumbles, hums,
    monkeysquaddies start to march,
    right turn, left turn, shoulder arms—

    monkeymilitary fright
    reflected in each monkeyface,
    with monkeygun in monkeyfist
    the monkeys' world the world we face.


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