Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sven De Swerts at Cafe´ Kafka

Gothic bard Sven de Swerts (http://spinyopaat.blogspot.com) will be at the Vienna International Film Festival, the Viennale, with his short film Beijing Story scheduled to be screened tomorrow 4th November.

On Friday evening, the 6th, Sven de Swerts is scheduled to take centre stage, as special guest, at the Labyrinth Poets poetry mic(see A-Z LINKS). Labyrinth poets always meet on the first Friday monthly at Cafe´ Kafka commencing shortly after 8pm. According to his blog he's due at Kafka on the 7th. Sven you've got it wrong.

Poet-in-Residence, who unfortunately can't make it to Kafka, has flagged-up the error at spinyopaat and also e-mailed Labyrinth organizer Peter Waugh.

Hope that sorts it out.

Sven de Swerts' other advertised appearance for November is at the Bru Slam, VUB, Brussels, on the 21st.

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