Saturday, 23 January 2010

misquoting Thomas Bernhard

misquoting Thomas Bernhard

to say you don't exaggerate
is in itself exaggeration
we live and die in a world of demi-gods
and black-comedians
el duce
(enter stage right)
and beautiful women
eva peron
elizabeth taylor
(centre stage)
standard bearers
the pope in his white costume
ronald reagan
helmut schmidt
(marching in the background)
it is no exaggeration to say
that we are all part of the cabaret
and that the stage is as big and as round and as flat as the globe
on which we perform


  1. very very interesting, having just arrived home from the first local production with boys I watched grow into teens. It was Oliver, and well done, indeed. I felt part of the production when the child looked into the first row and met my eyes and threw himself further into his character! Such pride. and self awareness....

  2. Bit of a coincidence, as I was at the Bernhard exhibition there was a class and a teacher doing her bit to try and keep them in order, kreep the noise level down really. I managed to half-catch what Bernhard said in the video clips and cobble some bits together - maybe 80/20 ratio. A lot of Bernhard, and less of me, it was and is. Anyway, I think it is so!


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