Thursday, 28 January 2010

More Christine Busta translated

Ten of the Austrian poet Christine Busta's poems (Poet-in-Residence translations) appeared on these pages during 2009. These ten poems can be easily found by typing 'Christine Busta' into the blog search box and going through the 3-page index which will appear.

Additionally, another two PiR translations of Busta's poems appeared on the Ink, Sweat & Tears website (A-Z Links >>>) in February 2009.

It is now time for those two IS&T poems to join the other ten. The poems appeared in the collection Wenn du das Wappen der Liebe malst (Otto Müller Verlag, Salzburg 1981). Christine Busta died in 1987.

The Dream of the Bread Angel

He brought them the sun.
He held it pressed to his breast.
The sun was crusty and dark.

They didn't
even have a knife
to divide it.

They have
torn the sun to pieces -
like wolves.

Migrating Birds

How many birds will
never reach the warmer land?

To escape the cold
will others now fly
to the abandoned nests?

Where is home, if one waits to be recalled?
Is it the place where one learnt to fly?



  1. Is it the place where one learnt to fly/

    I'm thinking about it....

  2. ...great sensitivity is needed when translating Busta as you've probably gathered. You have to get yourself in tune with her otherwise you'll easily go wrong.


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