Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Horizons

New Horizons

Black angels read
between the lines
knowing there are gaps

that must be filled

and the poems wait
to be returned or forwarded
- containers of experience

with dubious destinations.

The weight of books
is confined to space
- reflections in a broken mirror

in a Hall of Mirrors.

So, what is art if it's not a light
with sound and fury?
Brushed aluminium behind Plexiglas?

A momentary lapse of willpower?

Broken pots and discordant notes
give meaning to a place
like debris heaped in a corner

or a map of Africa.

The owner dreams
of the black ship's fallen sails
- rubs an eye on waking

and is for the time horizonless.

The poet never sleeps
though his days are filled with endless nights
- the result may be the masterpiece.

Never let the moment pass.



  1. Never let the moment pass is my motto Poet - so important.

  2. Seize the vision, and keep the man from Porlock's far hence.

  3. Good motto Weaver - Euterpe is a butterfly. You see her and then she's gone.

    Sparker, mine's an impostor; a person from Padstow. It's on the same path!

    Many thanks AM.


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