Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Plug Ugly

Here's another one dedicated to those without vantage.

Plug Ugly

Plug Ugly's entrenched
And he rides in the owl-cars; his
Best songs were sung
In a strong Pedlar's French
Picked up in the owl-light
On the penniless bench
Where he played off his dust
And ploughed up the air
To come to his point
And give moonshine to mustard
Which he scraped off his catgut
For the world and his wife.



  1. That is the sort of rhythm and metre that I try to get in my poems G - don't always succeed.

  2. That you "don't always succeed" means that you sometimes do succeed, and so congratulations. Any artist worth his oils and rags destroys 3/4ths of his output! That's well known. And so you may well be in top drawer company, Pat.
    I always try to fit the rhyme and metre to the subject, but many poets rhyme and metre on like hell regardless, almost every poem is a galloping steed.

  3. I really like "give moonshine to mustard". A unique expression, according to google!

    Reminded me a little of Pierrot Lunaire ("Serenade"):

    "With a giant bow grotesquely
    Scrapes Pierrot on his viola..."

  4. As Weaver says, great rhythm to this.

  5. Thanks to Dominic, John, and Gordon.
    Dominic, Lunaire is a new one on me. But yes, there's a 'Down and Out in Paris...' flavour, I do agree.


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