Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Poetry Twentyten

With two new poems today, the first ten poems are now on the poetry twentyten page.

Poems (January-April) were selected from the work of these contributors:

Marja Blom (2)
Pat Jourdan
Evelyn Holloway
Alan Morrison
Rachel Fox
Gordon Mason (2)
Joan Cairns
Pat Thistlethwaite

Don't forget, you too can participate! Details can be found on the poetry twentyten page.

With 10 poems on display we've now completed the ten part of our twentyten theme. But don't forget, we'll be needing twenty more poems between May and the end of the year in order to complete the project.

Good luck, best bardic wishes and many thanks to all Poet-in-Residence visitors and contributors.


  1. Best wishes to you too. I have long been absent from blogland but am returning.


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