Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dylan Thomas's poem from beyond the grave

For guidelines on how to construct these novelties, see Thomas Hardy's poem from beyond the grave. It's the post immediately below this post. And so we come now to Dylan Thomas's attempt at communication from the other side.

Dylan Thomas's poem from beyond the grave

All game phrases fit your ring of a cockfight
The breath draw back like a bolt through white oil
Tongue and ear in the thread angle the temple-bound
Through the devilish years and innocent deaths.

Convenient bird and beast lie lodged to suffer
My nest of mercies in the rude red tree
Ducked in the twelve disciples seas
I tell her this before suncock east.

So solve the mystic sun, the wife of light
The child shall question all his days
Crowing to Lazarus the morning is vanity
I fled that ground as lightly as a feather.

gw & dt 2010


  1. This is a lovely way of being sympatico with the poet, I think.

  2. I agree, and I will only choose the poets I am in "sympatico" with.
    Next up will be Wallace Stevens.


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